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Fans dispatched us to support Du Jun. On a too windy day in March, fans prepared our Supportruck and ganjeong(sweet chicken) truck!!

In the midst of busiest schedule, the relationship Hightlight and Us Suportruck did go on!!

After setting up for service, the manager with a familiar face came up and started promoting Supportruck himself :-))))))))

He said, ” the last one I ordered,” and added “This kind of ordering showes we are friendly, right?.” 😀

We served him ‘the last one’ and made warm Americano for Du jun!!

It’s spring, and the staff’s love for starwberry soared.

From now widely known BangBangBang, to Cold Brewed Dutch praised for its excellent flavor, we were very busy serving…

Right at that moment Du Jun showed up!!

To see Du Jun ourselves!!!

Our heart was thumping, thumping…(In Korean Du Geun, Du Geun.. :D)

Clean-cut and tidy looks on this windy day!

It seems wind bypasses him!

Standing side by side, Supportruck and gangjeong truck matched perfectly, and Du Jun took selfies in front of the trucks. (His back also looked great! :D)

Besides beverages, his stickers were most popular, especially to Du Jun’s team, and so they took them more than enough.

In favor of the fans, we tried to serve Su Ho’s team more sincerely and with true heart, and ended this event successfully.

Thank you very much to the staff & actors of Radio Romance for enjoying our service, and also thank you very much for selecting us Supportruck for your invaluable support event.

We are looking forward to seeing you fans at another event in person.

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