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We supported #TouchYourHeart Our #JinSim #YooInna! 🙂

We’ve been waiting for this day all through the winter, and at last the schedule is fixed!

It was a little cold because it was a night time, but as soon as we finished setting, every staff member applauded saying it’s so beautiful. Of course, it was due to fans’ excellent designing ability and the beauty of #YooInna, we thought.  

Staff members were on location, but we had no difficulty locating our truck since they guided us on an ideal spot. 

After supper, staff members were gathering around Supportruck twos and threes. They were very happy to see such various menus and had their eyes wide open to see the sweet snacks prepared for them. 

As it was rather cold at night, and it was a location shooting, a lot of them preferred hot drinks as expected. 

When we were busy making staff members a little warm, #Inna showed up!

Real #YooInna showed up as if we were seeing #OhYunseo in the drama. 

Her bright eyes looking for fans and seeing Supportruck! 

She saw Supportruck with a cheerful look!

She took a selfie and it must be in her phone. When will you let it out to us?

Prasing fans’ choice of photos and decorations of Supportruck, Inna was chatting in front of Supportruck. With her beauty, she made the place much brighter. 

Till the moment she had to go for shooting, her eyes were fixed on the fans and Supportruck, and she went away carrying fans’ gifts with a happy smile. 

As expected, she ordered #sweet_potato_latte and it was delivered to her. 

After she was gone for shooting, staff members dropped by Supportruck and we served our beverages for them. 

Saying fans are very sensible, they greatly welcomed the snack box as they were very tired with the schedule until deep into the night. 

This support was done on a very short notice, but fans and we tried our utmost, and we wished Inna liked it. 

There were a staff member who recommended our #coconut_milk to other staff saying it is so delicious, and many staff members saying thank you to us and wishing they could see us again! Thank you very much to all of you!

We wish #YooInna and every staff members of the drama #TouchYourHeart best of luck!!

We will be always on your side. Thank you very much, YG Company staff members and the manager. 

Most of all, thank you very much, fans of  DC Inside YooInna Gallery and international fans>_< We wish we could be meeting again next time. 

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