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Today, we met Uie again!😍

We were most happy to support Uie in a long while!!:))

Baidu KimYujin Bar in China arranged this event wholeheartedly for Uie, beautifully designing everything themselves!!🤗

Everything ready, Go, Go, Supportruck!!

Supportruck is perfected by Uie’s beauty, and so it looks most beautiful, doesn’t it?

As soon as supportruck opened, a lot of staff came out and ordered beverages!

Starting from Uie’s iced americano, every staff enjoyed today’s event very much. 

Strawberry latte, mint choco latte, 12 grain latte, and Bang Bang Bang Energy drink were most popular. 

There always are delightful and friendly atmosphere in Uie’s shooting place. 

While a lot of staff were enjoying their drinks happily, Uie showed herself at last!😍😍

Exclaiming ooh aah, and smiling brightly, she showed up!!

She was even happier to receive VVIP box fans prepared. 😚

Taking a proof shot, she signed autographs full of love for her fans. 

Seeing autograph papers designed with rabbit, “They think I am a rabbit,” she said with a great deal of love for her fans and loving eyes. 😚

As usual Uie wanted to get stickers. 

Fans love her, and Uie always loves what her fans prepared for her. 

How lovely it is!☺☺

Serving beverages to the last staff, and Lemonade for Uie, we ended today’s support successfully!

We are all too glad whenever we see Uie, and today was not an exception😊

See you on next support day, Uie!!


Also, here’s Uie’s video clip of that day! Please go and see!!! 

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