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Exo Suho is best, so it is natural Kim Junmyeon, the actor is best!!

We have been to his first performance of the #musical #TheManWhoLaughs to support him. Actor Kim Junmyeon Support Association commissioned this event.

The Support Association arranged us Supportruck to help up to two hundred actors/staff. Our heart also fluttered with joy to be able to support Suho. We were there at the first performance of #TheManWhoLaughs to support him!!

Upon arriving at the site, we found a truckload of gifts for all the staff/actors, and also for us Supportruck. Best Junmyeon, Best fans..we thought.

Junmyeon was great in that he prepared this performance right after Exo concert, and our fans were great in that they hurriedly prepared this great event!

Printing out all the designs fans provided, Supportruck was transformed completely only for Junmyeon. The Banner was literally glaring! Black design with yellow Supportruck goes perfectly well. We thought it was one of the best design for our Supportruck!

As soon as we were set, actors and staff came by and cooled themselves with our beverages. Also we spotted more and more of them carrying the fan’s gifts. Everyone expressed their thanks towards fans to us. As a great number of people were needed for the performance, also a great number of actors/staff thanked us having their own beverages.

TheManWhoLaughs’ Team, keeping eyes on Junmyeon on the banners and photo banner, most liked handmade ades and coffee. We made beverages as yummy as possible for them. As it was scorching hot with strong sunlight, almost everyone favored iced drinks. However…one of the few people who ordered hot drinks was…Suho! To take care of the throat, going through concert and musical, Junmyeon chose warm citrus tea. Our citrus tea is organic, without chemicals. Growing seaside village by sea winds, the citrus is real, real handmade organic produce! And so, it has to have great flavor! Making citrus tea is a hard process, but today we felt our effort was paid off because of Junmyeon.

Receiving fans’ energy, TheManWhoLaughs’ team and Junmyeon finished their first performance successfully!! It was regrettable Junmyeon was not able to come by Suportruck as our event was held before the performance, and he had to focus on the success of the performance. We really hope to see him next time and wish him a great performance till the end of TheManWholaughs.

Thank you very much to #ActorKimjunmyeonAssociation for choosing us!

We are always cheering for you Suho, Junmyeon.

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