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终于遇到了#runningman 队!!
为了纪念池石镇先生的生日,这个咖啡车是#香港 粉丝们送的惊喜!

Supportruck 做的是漂亮,是特别,是好♥

从去年夏天就开始给我们咨询的香港粉丝们! 过了年终于可以进行本次应援了!>_< 辛苦了为我们的应援排上行程的经纪人先生, 主编,多亏您们的帮助应援进行的非常顺利!
虽然因为要为比平时更要多的人员,应援现场非常的忙, 但是为那多的剧组们分热咖啡的同时也收到了很多的爱心:) 刚摆好应援现场后登场的是池石镇先生与刘在石先生!! 边收着生日祝福边收着感谢话语走近了我们!

池石镇先生仔细查看了横幅,易拉宝,视频,贴纸,大家都开心的欣赏了过去的照片与视频! 池石镇先生喝了一杯热美式咖与supportruck制作的自制曲奇! 刘在石先生点了不太甜的12谷拿铁!!
在前面边拍照片边聊天,看到了非常热情的现场。 虽然因为剧组人员非常的多有点糊涂了!!!哈哈 但是想着粉丝们等待那久的时间我们就更加努力的进行了:-) 因为现场冷风吹得比较大,所以热饮是最收欢迎的, 特别是我们supportruck特别的菜单非常收到了欢迎。#热香草奶 #奶油曲奇热巧克力,#自制双和茶 等等。好像F/W季节菜单的特别感觉更加给#runningman 剧组们带来了温暖:)

池石镇先生把后来登场的其他队员们都叫到一起拍了照片!! #刘在石 先生,#HAHA 先生, #李光洙 先生,#金钟国 先生,#全昭旻 女士,#梁世灿 先生…除了过一会儿再登场了的#宋智孝 女士之外,大家都聚在一起拍了照片!!
running man队这样聚集在一起,像在看电视一样好神奇呀>_<
全昭旻女士喝了热美式咖啡,李光洙先生订了很多杯饮料,热美式咖啡与自制柚子姜茶等传递给了全部队员们,都喝的很美味呢。宋智孝女士队也是订了很多杯,我们也是美味的做好后传递过去了!与可爱恐惧现场常常见过的经纪人先生也互相问了好, 这样给大家全部传好了好喝的饮料!!

拍摄开始后supportruck加油着给多位剧组们做了饮料!! 直到往下一个拍摄地移动,我们supportruck给大家充满热气了呢>_<❤感谢与我们supportruck一起!! #running man #forever #下次 再见

At last we met #RunningMan Team!!

It was Hong Kong fans’ surprise coffee catering to congratulate #Ji_Suk_Jin on his birthday!.

When supporetruck supports, the event always becomes beautiful, special, and nice.❤️

The fans contacted us last summer. Time passes by and it’s a new year, and at last we are allowed to support him!

The manager and screenwriter tried very hard to fix a date for this support. Thanks to them, we could do our support nicely! We were very busy serving them, for there were a lot more staff than usual. But that means more staff could enjoy our service and give us more love. As soon as we finished setting up, no other person than Ji Suk Jin and Yu Jae Seok came over receiving congratulations and many many thanks from surrounding staff members!

Ji Suk Jin looked through banners, video clip, and stickers. He was very much pleased to see his old photos and video clips. He chose hot americano and our handmade cookie. And Yu Jae Seok chose 12 grain latte made less sweet. 

Thinking of our long, long waiting for this event, we should do our best. There was a strong wind from the river, and most of them ordered hot and specialized drinks; #Hot_vanilla_milk, #cookie&hot_choco, #handmade-black_herbal_tea, etc. They enjoyed almost all the beverages on our F/W menu, and they must be feeling warmer though it was only for a moment. 

Ji Suk Jin proposed to take photos with other members!: #Yu_Jae_Seok, #HaHa, #Lee_Kwang_Soo, #Jean_So_MIn, and #Yang_Se_Chan. Every one took photos except #Song_Ji_Hyo for she came a little late. It was wonderful enough to see them all as if we were watching them on TV. Jeon So Min chose hot americano, and Lee Kwang Soo’s team ordered several cups of hot americano and citrus ginger tea. Song Ji Hyo’s team also ordered several cups of drinks. 

Today, we were very, very busy serving staff members! Supprtruck filled the place with warmth until they moved to another shooting place. Thank you for doing lovely support with us Supportruck. See you next time #Runningman #Forever. 

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