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Long long waited Dear Hyung Sik has come back at last!!!

His upcoming work, Suits, is already greatly anticipated, and we, Supporuck has been there at the shooting place.

Fans’ cafe, Dear Hyung Sik prepared today’s support event!

To suit Hyung Sik’s dignity, we set up completely and nicely for today’s event and awaited him. 😊

As soon as we started serving, today’s main hero showed up almost the earliest of all!

Long time no see!!

His short hair made her glowing features stand out!

We greeted him saying “It’s a long while.”

“Yes, it is,” he greeted us smiling sweetly.

We were very happy to see him from the start!!!😍😍

Next hero..who? It was Jang Dong Gun!

He carefully watched Supportruck beside Hyung Sik.

How picturesque the two of them are even when they are just standing!

They had a meal first and the every staff came out to have their meals.

It was so warm that it feels like summer, and so outdoor buffet was most successful!!!

Every staff was so delighted by the gift packages prepared by the fans fitted for their situation. 🤗

They are certain to love Hyung Sik more, right?

After a while, Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun showed up again after the meal!

A video clip fans selected was playing, and seeing Jang Dong Gun was interested in the clip, Hyung Sik explained the video clip to him.

Also, today’s hero explained Supportruck to him. 

Hearing their conversation, we were made certain that Hyung Sik is loved very much while working.

Jan Dong Gun ordered Ameriano, and Hyung Sik ordered Cherry Coke after that.

For buffet, soda drinks are of course the very best!

The looks of Supportruck was boosted by the talented fans’ design!!

Good weather, very nice for support!

And also, the stickers most popular to the staff!! Love completes complete design!

“Always with Park Hyung Sik #Dear Hyung Sik”

“Wish Suits a great hit! Let’s go Yeon Woo!”

The phrases the staff earnestly read today waiting for their drinks!

Design was perfect, and so they read them more, right?

Fans prepared drinks enough, and we could serve them enough after they had their meals!

Hyung Sik team! Yeon Woo team! We did our best to serve them the very best drinks, as the fans are our regulars.

One more Strawberry Latte and Cheery Coke for Hyung Sik, and a lot of love letters(?) complimenting our drinks from the staff, and we have finished today’s mission!🤗

Thank you to #Dear Hyung Sik for entrusting the event to us. We also anticipate the start of Suits with our hearts pounding!

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