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We have supported #LeeSungkyung.

Wherever she is, the place is always full of pleasant and energetic air, and this event was no different.

#LeeSungkyungFansAssociation arranged this support together with Supportruck to support Sungkyung, intent on shooting the movie, Girlcops.
Most of all, this support fell on Sungkyung’s birthday, and so we tried to make this event more memorable.

#LeeSungkyungDotcom #DearSungkyung
#Filipino_Biblee_fans #Vitamin_Biblee_Taiwan
#Biblee_essence_station #ALWAYS_BIBLEE

To be supported by fans from various countries! Sungkyung, The World Star!!!
We anticipated her renowned reaction before we start to support her! We invite you to the scene of her fancy reaction!

The design of #LeeSungkyungDotcom is always the best, but this time, their design was the best of the best!
We wish we could use their design always! As expected, they designed real nicely for this event.
“We congratulate Sungkyung on her 29th birthday and 10th anniversary of debut as a model”

Fans prepared cakes and a lot of gifts with their mind and heart!
And we are also set with coffee, beverages and bingsu. As soon as we opened the door, staffs came by twos and threes and turned their thumbs up with all these drinks and gifts.

This day, Chocopong latte, patbingsu, and strawberry yoghurt smoothie was most popular!!! Chocopong latte got a lot of request for refill!

A production staff thanked us for our nice latte, and we were so flattered and made our beverages happily. The staff member of YG Entertainment who is always kind, worked tirelessly in this hot weather.

While serving beverages in this sizzling summer temperature, Sungkyung showed up! Actually, we saw her entering the shooting place when starting today’s support. We already heard her cheerful voice then. But this time the 10-year model showed up in front of of Suportruck! It was a long time since we saw her last! We got a lot of energy by her energetic greetings.

She watched beautifully designed Supprtruck and fans’ slogan closely, and browsing our menu, she shouted with joy

“Too many delicious beverages!” Here’s cold brew! Oh! chocopong! I will have bingsu later! She must be very much pleased, and so we are pleased and rewarded by that.

As it was too hot, bingsu was also popular. Some staff came by with empty bingsu bowl to prove he enjoyed the bingsu very much.
Ra Miran’s team was served bingsu and spread the word that bingsu is delicious. And again, Sungkyung ordered one more chocopong and bingsu. We tried our best to the last and conveyed the fans’ love and finished today’s event successfully!

Thank you Sunkyung’s fans for always commissioning the event to us. We are anticipating Sungkyung’s return with the movie. In this hot weather, we wish your health and safe shooting. Girlcops staff and actors, thank you very much for enjoying this event and our beverages!

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