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March 5, 2019

Yoo Inna Support


We supported #TouchYourHeart Our #JinSim #YooInna! 🙂 We’ve been waiting for this day all through the winter, and at last the schedule is fixed! It was a little cold because it was a night time, but as soon as we finished setting, every...

February 24, 2019

LeeYowon Support


We’ve met her again! 应援再次见到的演员#李瑶媛 女士♡ #Leeyowon_Chinese_support_group, who have supported Yowon featuring in the drama ‘Nightlight’ prepared today’s event. 是与从#不夜城 开始一直持续应援着的 #Leeyowon_chinese_support_group 一起进行了! #LeeYowon is now...

February 11, 2019

“Runningman” Ji Suk Jin Support


终于遇到了#runningman 队!! 为了纪念池石镇先生的生日,这个咖啡车是#香港 粉丝们送的惊喜! Supportruck 做的是漂亮,是特别,是好♥ 从去年夏天就开始给我们咨询的香港粉丝们! 过了年终于可以进行本次应援了!>_< 辛苦了为我们的应援排上行程的经纪人先生, 主编,多亏您们的帮助应援进行的非常顺利! 虽然因为要为比平时更要多的人员,应援现场非常的忙, 但是为那多的剧组们分热咖啡的同时也收到了很多的爱心:)...

August 8, 2018

Lee Sungkyung Support


We have supported #LeeSungkyung. Wherever she is, the place is always full of pleasant and energetic air, and this event was no different. #LeeSungkyungFansAssociation arranged this support together with Supportruck to support...

April 18, 2018

Uie Support


Today, we met Uie again!😍 We were most happy to support Uie in a long while!!:)) Baidu KimYujin Bar in China arranged this event wholeheartedly for Uie, beautifully designing everything themselves!!🤗 Everything ready, Go, Go,...

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