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Park Hyung Sik Support

Long long waited Dear Hyung Sik has come back at last!!! His upcoming work, Suits, is already greatly anticipated, and we, Supporuck has been there at the shooting place. Fans’ cafe, Dear Hyung Sik prepared today’s support event! To suit Hyung Sik’s dignity, we set up completely and nicely for today’s event and awaited him. […]

Ko KyoungPyo Support

Today, In Gyu Treats Us Coffee!😎😎😎 Today, we supported  Mr. Ko Kyoung Pyo who is acting nicely in the drama, Cross! (Supportruck is always watching the drama in real-time. 👀👀)   We were there to transfuse coffee prescribed by Dr. In Gyu!! After arriving at the spot, setting up completed in a flash! (Upon arriving, […]

Yoon DuJun Support

Fans dispatched us to support Du Jun. On a too windy day in March, fans prepared our Supportruck and ganjeong(sweet chicken) truck!! In the midst of busiest schedule, the relationship Hightlight and Us Suportruck did go on!! After setting up for service, the manager with a familiar face came up and started promoting Supportruck himself […]

Yi Yowon Support

The day to go support actress Yi Yowon has come at last!! Chinese fans arranged this support long, long ago, and the day has come at last. Though she is a star already, we feel Yowon is increasingly becoming Super Star. Starting at the call time of staff early in the morning, this support, preparing […]

B1A4 Jinyoung support

Where have we been? Yes!! We did it! B1A4 Jinyoung’s support! Now the story goes. There’s nothing he cannot do! God Jinyoung! The next movie of B1A4 Jinyoung, who has become a ‘must-believe-and-see’ actor, is ‘the Guy inside of Me.’ And so Supportruck moved out to cheer him up. His fans also prepared ‘Sam-gye-tang’, (chicken […]

Sul-hyun support

#Movie, “An-si Fortress” #Support for Sul-hyun Chinese fans prepared this event. There are more than 200 staff members in this movie, including lots of extras. And so, the big-minded Chinese fans ordered sufficiently enough for all staff, most of whom were having trouble putting on heavy clothing, to enjoy heartily and happily. Having finished setting […]

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