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Lee Sungkyung Support

We have supported #LeeSungkyung. Wherever she is, the place is always full of pleasant and energetic air, and this event was no different. #LeeSungkyungFansAssociation arranged this support together with Supportruck to support Sungkyung, intent on shooting the movie, Girlcops. Most of all, this support fell on Sungkyung’s birthday, and so we tried to make this […]

Suho Support

Exo Suho is best, so it is natural Kim Junmyeon, the actor is best!! We have been to his first performance of the #musical #TheManWhoLaughs to support him. Actor Kim Junmyeon Support Association commissioned this event. The Support Association arranged us Supportruck to help up to two hundred actors/staff. Our heart also fluttered with joy […]

Uie Support

Today, we met Uie again!😍 We were most happy to support Uie in a long while!!:)) Baidu KimYujin Bar in China arranged this event wholeheartedly for Uie, beautifully designing everything themselves!!🤗 Everything ready, Go, Go, Supportruck!! Supportruck is perfected by Uie’s beauty, and so it looks most beautiful, doesn’t it? As soon as supportruck opened, […]

Park Hyung Sik Support

Long long waited Dear Hyung Sik has come back at last!!! His upcoming work, Suits, is already greatly anticipated, and we, Supporuck has been there at the shooting place. Fans’ cafe, Dear Hyung Sik prepared today’s support event! To suit Hyung Sik’s dignity, we set up completely and nicely for today’s event and awaited him. […]

HyoRi’s Boarding House

00:30 도움이 잘 될지 모르겠어요.   Click to listen highlighted text! 도움이 잘 될지 모르겠어요. I am wondering if I can be of help to you. 00:33 넌 가만히 있는 것만으로도 도움이 돼.   Click to listen highlighted text! 넌 가만히 있는 것만으로도 도움이 돼. You are of great help even if you stand still doing nothing. 00:36 고맙습니다.   Click to listen highlighted text! 고맙습니다. Thank you. 00:56 너 서울 가고 싶다고 했지?   Click to listen highlighted text! 너 서울 가고 싶다고 했지? You said you want to go to Seoul. 00:58 아니, […]

Ko KyoungPyo Support

Today, In Gyu Treats Us Coffee!😎😎😎 Today, we supported  Mr. Ko Kyoung Pyo who is acting nicely in the drama, Cross! (Supportruck is always watching the drama in real-time. 👀👀)   We were there to transfuse coffee prescribed by Dr. In Gyu!! After arriving at the spot, setting up completed in a flash! (Upon arriving, […]

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