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Today, In Gyu Treats Us Coffee!😎😎😎

Today, we supported  Mr. Ko Kyoung Pyo who is acting nicely in the drama, Cross!

(Supportruck is always watching the drama in real-time. 👀👀)


We were there to transfuse coffee prescribed by Dr. In Gyu!!

After arriving at the spot, setting up completed in a flash!

(Upon arriving, we were happy to see Dr. In Gyu’s back in a distance♡♡)

And then today’s event started at last!😗

The staff rushed right after Supportruck opened.

Seeing the checklists fans prepared on the banner,  they carefully checked them to see if the check points are applied to them. 🤣🤣(Fans have a great sense, right?👍🏻)

As it was a little cold, the staff ordered warm beverages more!

But Supportruck’s specialty,💕Iced Handmade Fruit Beverages were also very popular!👍🏻

Especially, Handmade Lemon Ade, with a refreshing tangy flavor, was most popular today.

We wish you were recharged with a lot of vitamin and steamed up!🤗

After the staff had enough, today’s hero showed up! It had been a long while, but he was as handsome as ever.

Smiling warmly, he said “Thank you”, and we felt we were 100% refreshed by it.

Having taken a proof shot, he went away for another shooting, boasting of his great height!!

We served a lot of coffee and beverages for the staff after he went away.

All of them enjoyed our drinks very much and thanked us a lot, and so we were very happy and appreciated it. 💕

We are cheering for the staff of Cross, who is working very hard in this cold weather.

We wish you could finish your remaining shooting schedule safe and sound. 😙

Mr. Kyung Pyo, see you!!♥️

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